Author of NY Times Bestseller DEEP COVER and national bestseller THE BIG WHITE LIE, used by Police and universities as training texts.

Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in 17 states, Puerto Rico and foreign nations.

Called "America's top undercover cop" by 60 Minutes.

Among the most awarded supervisory officers in the history of the DEA.

Author of FIGHT BACK, a manual for communities with drug problems - recommended reading by the Clinton Administration's Drug Policy Office and the Swedish Carnegie Institute.

·Narcotics And Drug Trafficking (all aspects)

·Informant Handling, Management and Corroboration

·Police Use of Force (including deadly force)

·Arrests and Interrogations ·RICO (criminal & Civil) & Conspiracy Prosecution

·Title III Investigations (Wiretaps, bugs and other electronic intercepts).

·Blind Mule (unwitting participation) Defense

·Entrapment Defense (Undercover and/or Informant)

·Undercover Tactics

·Controlled Delivery Operations & Smuggling.

·Police Misconduct & Hiring Practices

·Medical Marijuana Defense

·Internet Pharmaceuticals

·Investigative Due Diligence (adherence to search-for-truth doctrine)

·Police procedures and Investigative Reporting.


Date Award Details 1
9/26/67 2 Letters of Commendation from IRS Intelligence and BATF. Investigative action and surveillance leading to successful Organized Crime prosecutions. (Gambino Crime Family operations).
4/9/68 3 Awards as follows:
1 NYPD citation; 1 letter of commendation BATF; and 1 US Treasury Special Act Award. (plaque and money award).
Capture of ax wielding fugitive, fleeing from the scene of a robbery, without resorting to use of firearms.
1/28/70 2 Awards as follows:
1 Citation from NYPD and 1 from Treasury Department.
Capture and conviction of fleeing vehicular homicide suspect. (convicted).
6/11/70 3 Awards as follows:
1 Commendation from US Treasury; 1 letter commendation from US Attorneys office; 1 US Treasury Special Act Award.
UC infiltration of biker gangs, resulting in largest bomb seizure on record at that time, as well as numerous drug and weapons convictions. US v Frakowiak, et. al..
8/19/70 3 Awards as follows:
2 Citations from FBI, New York Office, 1 citation from US Attorney Edward Neaher’s Office EDNY and Treasury Department Special Act Award.
Undercover work in US v Archie Dent, resulting in the detection, capture and confession (recorded) of a Bank Robber. US v Charles C. Haynes.
8/20/70 Letter of Commendation from Chief Special Inv. BATF, NY Regional Office, Philip Kopstein. For record of UC gun and drug cases “equaled by only one other officer in the New York Branch office.”2
9/26/70 2 Awards as follows:
1 Citation from NYPD and 1 Letter of Commendation, US Treasury Department.
Undercover and investigative work leading to breakup of significant illegal numbers, guns-for-crime rental and robbery operation.
4/11/73 1 Letter of Commendation for Expert Witness Testimony from Robert Morse, United States Attorney, Eastern Judicial District of New York. For Expert Testimony in US v Maria Dora Naranjo, and “3 prior cases” involving Blind Mule (“dupe”) cocaine smuggling from South America, all resulting in convictions. 3
7/11/73 U.S. Treasury Special Act Award. (plaque and money award). Arrest heroin courier in NYC, financier in Fla. Undercover into major source, Thailand and Cambodia. US v Liang Sae Tiew et al.4
11/23/73 Letters of commendation from United States Attorney Robert Morse and SAC John Fallon. Innovative investigative techniques and expert witness testimony, US v Stanton Freeman, et al.
12/3/74 2 Awards as follows:
1 Letter of commendation from David Trager, United States Attorney, EDNY
1 Letter of Commendation John Fallon, SAC, DEA NY Division.
For trial preparation and testimony at trial including expert testimony. US v Manny Gonzalez.
5/9/75 DEA “Excellence of Performance Award.”
(plaque and money award).
For excellence of performance as a DEA supervisor, DEA police instructor, case agent, expert testimony and undercover agent. Numerous cases, during rating period 1974-75.
7/18/75 Letter of Commendation, New York Divisional Office, DEA. For excellence of performance, leadership, expert testimony JULIO QUINONES
5/24/76 DEA “Excellence of Performance Award”
(plaque and money award).
For excellence of performance as a DEA supervisor, DEA police instructor, case agent, expert testimony and undercover agent. Numerous significant cases, during rating period 1975-76
11/19/76 DEA “Outstanding Contributions to Federal Service” Award. (Plaque & Money). Undercover work on numerous cases, on loan to different divisions and agencies.4
3/21/78 2 Awards as follows:
2 letters of commendation, FBI/DEA Task Force supervisor (Francis White) and DEA SAC of New York Divisional office (Robert Stutman).
For “outstanding and innovative investigative technique” in RICO case, resulting in worldwide arrests, drug, weapons and money seizures, including $500,000 counterfeit – Israel & Italian Mafia drug smuggling cartel. US v Sam Nagar et. al..
4/24/78 3 awards as follows:
1 Letter of commendation from US Attorney Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) 1 Letter of Commendation from M. Benjiman, DEA Inspector-in-Charge, Internal Affairs, 1 Letter of Commendation DEA Administrator Peter Bensinger. A DEA “Excellence of Performance” Award.
(Plaque and Money).
For undercover, Investigative work and informant handling in first case of “theft of computer information” on record. Involves UC purchase of restricted computer information from serving and retired DEA agents. Award was also in consideration of “outstanding performance on the witness stand” which included Expert Testimony. US v Lambert and Girard.
7/11/80 DEA “Special
Achievement Award.”
(Plaque and Money Award).
For significant accomplishments including numerous, international narcotics cases, during the years 1979-82 while serving as DEA Country Attaché, Argentina.
3/1/80 International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association “Octavio Gonzalez Award” (INOEA’s top award at that time). For the first undercover penetration of the Bolivian cocaine Mafia and the largest cocaine seizure on record (at that time). US v Roberto Suarez, et al.
3/8/82 Argentine Federal Police “Golden Eagle” Award. For record number of undercover drug cases in Argentina, along with largest cocaine seizure on record in Argentina.
6/83 Commendation & Plaque – Vice President’s South Florida Task Force. For service as supervisor and UC agent.. Numerous significant cases.
6/24/86 Sustained Superior Performance Award [cash and plaque]
Covering a 3 year period of supervisory performance.
Leadership, undercover activities, and expert testimony as relates to numerous significant narcotic investigations during years-83-86.
3/87 DEA “Special Achievement Award”
(Plaque & Money Award)
Numerous, significant undercover RICO and Title III cases as both UC and supervisory officer, while at the same time serving as a police instructor.
10/88 DEA “Outstanding Performance as a Supervisor and Manager in Federal Service.” (Plaque and Money). For numerous significant Title III and undercover sting cases, including Operation Hun, indictment of Luis Arce Gomez, Minister of Interior of Bolivia, all accomplished while serving as a Group Supervisor. Award also took into consideration an “outstanding” rating received for duties as Inspector-of-Operations-in Place.
12/8/89 Letter of Commendation from William Braniff, U.S. Attorney, San Diego For “outstanding contributions to law enforcement” during 25 year career, particularly singling out services in US v Mendez Dueñas, et al, during which Levine performed as key undercover operative as well as providing Expert Testimony during trial. (Subject case of book Deep Cover).
1975-1990 Numerous Commendations and certificates for Training. For services performed as a DEA lecturer and Police Instructor, US & foreign.

COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors), an organization of families of police officers killed in the line of duty.
Survivors of the Shield, an organization of families of New York City police officers killed in the line of duty.
New York State Shields (Lifetime membership).
National Organization of Police Concerns.
American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers.
Association of Former Intelligence Officers.
Association of Former Federal Narcotic Agents.
Geopolitical Drug Watch.
International Association of Narcotic Enforcement Officers.
Police One – Internet association of serving and retired law enforcement officers


1 Books, news articles and television news clips of cases are available for review. Peer reviewed articles and essays about police procedures reached the top .01% of downloads, globally, by police agencies and researchers via

2 As quoted from letter.

3 The commendation covers four cases; however, this was the last in a series of more than a dozen cases in which I served as an Expert Witness within about a 6 month period. The four cases were with a single prosecutor.

4 Called “first case of its type.” Subject of heavy news coverage; articles available for review.