Author of NY Times Bestseller DEEP COVER and national bestseller THE BIG WHITE LIE, used by Police and universities as training texts.

Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in 17 states, Puerto Rico and foreign nations.

Called "America's top undercover cop" by 60 Minutes.

Among the most awarded supervisory officers in the history of the DEA.

Author of FIGHT BACK, a manual for communities with drug problems - recommended reading by the Clinton Administration's Drug Policy Office and the Swedish Carnegie Institute.

·Narcotics And Drug Trafficking (all aspects)

·Informant Handling, Management and Corroboration

·Police Use of Force (including deadly force)

·Arrests and Interrogations ·RICO (criminal & Civil) & Conspiracy Prosecution

·Title III Investigations (Wiretaps, bugs and other electronic intercepts).

·Blind Mule (unwitting participation) Defense

·Entrapment Defense (Undercover and/or Informant)

·Undercover Tactics

·Controlled Delivery Operations & Smuggling.

·Police Misconduct & Hiring Practices

·Medical Marijuana Defense

·Internet Pharmaceuticals

·Investigative Due Diligence (adherence to search-for-truth doctrine)

·Police procedures and Investigative Reporting.


Former Georgia police officer Robert Olsen was convicted on Monday Oct. 14, 2019 in connection with the shooting death of Anthony Hill, an unarmed 27 year old US Air Force Vet.

Dekalb County, Georgia.  Civil Grand Jury (Police Involved Shooting) – Testified for prosecution:

October 22, 2015, Mr. Levine aided DA’s investigators in follow-up investigation, then testified before the DeKalb County Grand Jury as an expert for the District Attorney’s Office in its recommendation that this matter be sent to a criminal grand jury. Case: in the police-involved shooting of Anthony Hill, by Officer Robert Olsen. Retained by the Dekalb County District Attorneys Office. GJ recommended that the Officer Olsen case be forwarded to criminal grand jury for a criminal indictment. On October 14, 2019, Olsen would be convicted in criminal court, Dekalb County Georgia, of criminal assault, violating the oath of his office and making a false statement. November 1, 2019: Olsen was sentenced to 12 years in prison

Update to Anthony Hill Case: Former Georgia Officer Who Killed a Black Man Is Convicted

Undercover Operations Manual:
NYS Undercover Operations and Informant Handling Student Manual

Delayed Justice
Expert witness report results in prosecution in Police Shooting

FBI probe into cover-up claim after white cop who shot black teenager lying face down on the ground twice in the back insists dead man had gone for his gun – Daily Mail

“In the report, expert Michael Levine wrote that Lewis ‘exhibited a disregard for human life that is unacceptable in professional law enforcement.’.”
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Expert Testimony in Landmark Decision:

Princess v US.
Federal Judge Opinion as relates to DEA’s duty to protect its undercover informants, sets standards. Michael Levine testified as an expert on Informant Handling procedures in two depositions and a federal trial. Informant “Princess” awarded $1.1 million. The judge’s actual decision (click here – PDF) contains important information for attorneys involved in informant handling issues.

Reverse Sting Operations—The American Hustle:
The Unethical Use of Reverse Sting Operations and the Creation of Crime
by Michael Levine
Click here for the PDF version.

Breaking: Michael Levine is the star witness in the Anchorage, Alaska police department discrimination case:

In July, 2011, Michael Levine became the first US law enforcement procedures expert in history to have his expert testimony accepted by a Japanese criminal court. (Japan v Yoel Goldstein)

Click here for details – Blind Mule Defense Wins in Japan

Michael Levine on CNN’S Anderson Cooper

Since 1973, Mr. Levine has taught narcotics investigative procedures throughout the US, Canada, Australia and South America, including but not limited to lecturing for the Drug Enforcement Administration, The FBI, New York State Police, Ontario Provincial Police College, Canadian Mounted Police, The US State Department, the NYPD, Australian Police and numerous other police agencies. In 2009 he authored the student manual “Undercover Tactics and Informant handling” for the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services. In 2011, he authored a translated version of this manual for the US State Department. His expert testimony has been accepted in US state, federal and international courts on more than 300 occasions. To date he is the only US law enforcement procedural expert whose expert testimony has been accepted in a Japanese Court (Japan v Yoel Goldstein). His peer review journal articles, essays and teaching manuals, in 2015, reached the top .01% of global downloads by police agencies and researchers, via

Click here for Michael Levine’s Peer Journal Article
“THE WEAKEST LINK: Affixing Management Responsibility for Informant Disasters” (PDF)

With over 40 years of intensive hands-on, award-winning experience on the streets and in the courtrooms, Michael Levine has acquired the vast insiders knowledge and razor sharp eye for details that are vital to expert testimony. The details that underlie and support his resume have stood up to the rigorous cross-examination of some of the best prosecutors and attorneys in the nation.

One of the most decorated supervisory agents in the history of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Mr. Levine has also served with great distinction with the U.S. Customs Service, BATF, IRS (Criminal Investigations Division) and the FBI/DEA Task Force. Trained and licensed as a police instructor by DEA, his career in police training, now numbering more than 30 years, continues to this day. Mr. Levine’s expert testimony (as regards all areas of expertise listed) has been accepted on more then 300 occasions in federal and state courts (both criminal and civil) in 17 states as well as Puerto Rico.

He is a widely published, highly skilled professional writer, well known for the effectiveness of his reports and affidavits. His training and experience as a supervisory officer, inspector of operations and police instructor, combined with his insider’s anatomical knowledge of law enforcement operations, make him an invaluable asset in a number of important services.

As a trial consultant and expert witness commencing with his DOJ retirement in 1990, Mr. Levine has reviewed and commented upon in excess of 300 full case files, relating to both civil and criminal matters, and involving a wide array of areas of expertise. This involves exhaustive and lengthy reviews of the investigative and law enforcement practices of many local and federal agencies, including but not limited to FBI, DEA, Customs, Homeland Security, BATF, ICE and more than 30 local, state and city police agencies throughout the U.S. This ongoing experience keeps Mr. Levine current and up-to-date on policies, procedures and standards of U.S law enforcement.

Michael Levine on the “Crier Report”

“60 Minutes” excerpt

A licensed Private Investigator, Mr. Levine is also active as a law enforcement instructor, journalist and investigative researcher. He maintains an extensive and continually updated database of information that relates to each area of his expertise. An important part of this database involves direct contact with more than 200 court-qualified law enforcement experts worldwide…colleagues with whom he consults on a case-by-case basis.

Michael Levine has appeared as a guest/expert on dozens of nationally televised shows, including 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, NBC & CBS Morning Shows, MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, 20/20 and many others.

He has also been retained as a technical consultant for multiple television series, and has appeared as an expert on various law enforcement related topics on numerous local television shows around the country. He has made guest appearances on hundreds of local and national radio shows around the country.

“The Big Idea” with Interrogations and Confessions Expert Michael Levine


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