Author of NY Times Bestseller DEEP COVER and national bestseller THE BIG WHITE LIE, used by Police and universities as training texts.

Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in 17 states, Puerto Rico and foreign nations.

Called "America's top undercover cop" by 60 Minutes.

Among the most awarded supervisory officers in the history of the DEA.

Author of FIGHT BACK, a manual for communities with drug problems - recommended reading by the Clinton Administration's Drug Policy Office and the Swedish Carnegie Institute.

·Narcotics And Drug Trafficking (all aspects)

·Informant Handling, Management and Corroboration

·Police Use of Force (including deadly force)

·Arrests and Interrogations ·RICO (criminal & Civil) & Conspiracy Prosecution

·Title III Investigations (Wiretaps, bugs and other electronic intercepts).

·Blind Mule (unwitting participation) Defense

·Entrapment Defense (Undercover and/or Informant)

·Undercover Tactics

·Controlled Delivery Operations & Smuggling.

·Police Misconduct & Hiring Practices

·Medical Marijuana Defense

·Internet Pharmaceuticals

·Investigative Due Diligence (adherence to search-for-truth doctrine)

·Police procedures and Investigative Reporting.

notable cases

Notable Cases

Since my retirement from the Department of Justice, and when not working as a police instructor, I have been retained in more than 300 matters involving various aspects of police procedures. More than 90 percent have been resolved out-of-court on the basis of exert witness reports and/or depositions, in favor of my clients. Some of the more notable and interesting cases are as follows:

Vermont v Kyle THOMAS (Drug Sales & Attempted Homicide – Defense: Substandard Informant Handling Practices)
Results: Dismissal of Attempted Homicide charges.
Summary:  Chris Thomas was targeted by a Vermont drug Enforcement Task Force (VDTF).  The informant controlled-buys were made.  During an incident occurring shortly after the third buy, shots were fired.  There were only two witnesses to what had occurred, Chris Thomas and the informant.  Pursuant to the informant’s accusations, Thomas was arrested and charged with attempted homicide.  A review of discovery materials resulted in an expert finding that the informant had been handled in a “hapless and reckless manner” in violation of suggested national and professional standards and training.  A plea-bargain was then offered and accepted in which Attempted Homicide charges were dismissed.  Attorney Brian Mariscovetere, White River Junction, VT.

US v Puerto-Ortiz et al. (Coerced participation in smuggling from Honduras- Attorney Tim Bower-Rodriguez, Tampa)
Results:  Acquittal of all defendants.
Summary: A crew of fourteen, Honduran Lobster fishermen arrested off the coast of Nicaragua by US Naval Forces, after they were spotted from the air dumping bales of cocaine into the ocean (1600+ kilos. Retained by Tim Bower-Rodriguez under CJA.  Aided in strategy, discovery demands, formulated suggested Q&A for the cross of government expert and all investigating officers.  At trial in Tampa, at the last moment, the prosecution decided not to use a government expert.  All defendants acquitted of all charges.

State of Maryland v KAHAN  (Entrapment Defense- Attorney Stuart J. Snyder)
Results: Charges dismissed in mid trial.
Aided in strategy, aided in discovery deamnds, designed Cross-examination Questions and was permitted to sit in court to aid attorney during officer testimony.
Summary:  Under cross-examination many transgressions of standards as well as failure to comply with discovery demands were revealed and the judge, in mid trial, dismissed all charges

Donald Carlson v US
Results: Settle $2 Million (After submission of Expert Report)
By Expert Witness Report

Summary: This case, covered by 60 Minutes (see video “Informants”) began with charges against DEA, Customs and the San Diego Police. During the execution of a search warrant for drugs at the home of Donald Carlson, Mr. Carlson was shot and critically wounded. The investigation (expert-guided discovery demands) and review of discovery materials resulted in an expert witness report charging multiple violations.
Issues: Substandard Informant-handling that was enabling of Entrapment, Falsification of Evidence and other Criminal Acts on the part of the CI; Substandard Investigative effort to Corroborate Informant derived information; The avoidance of the exculpatory – conducting an investigation that avoided delving into any area that might have yielded information contrary to that furnished by the CI; False official statements in violation of Title 18, Section 1001; Substandard raid planning and execution.

US v Hector Gutierrez
RESULT: Plea agreement resulting in defendant’s immediate freedom (after expert TRIAL testimony INDICATING ENTRAPMENT)

By Testimony at Trial, Federal Court, Southern District of California, San Diego.
Issues: Substandard Undercover and Informant Handling Tactics [entrapment]; Substandard Corroborative Investigation. Testimony at trial also covered international drug smuggling tactics. (See the article King Rat for more details).
Attorney Eugene Iredale, San Diego, CA.

Canadian Immigration v Mercedes Luna & Daniel [and family],
By Expert Testimony

Issue: Likelihood of assassination if deported to Argentina after illegal entry into Canada. Granted permanent resident/citizen status after expert testimony.

NYPD v Officer Jacqueline Caudle
RESULT: Proceedings to fire officer CAUDLE dropped
By Expert Affidavit, in defense of Officer Caudle.

Summary: Officer Caudle accused by NYPD on 1/28/02, before GO 15 NYPD hearing, of using her firearm to menace convicted felon, Micah Brown during street altercation.
Issues: Expert affidavit submitted to NYPD trial board indicating Substandard investigative practices in that the complainant’s information should have been investigated with the same diligence an investigator would employ when investigation criminal informant information, but was not. As well as other Procedural Failures.
Attorney Robert Spergel.

Polk County Iowa v Patrick Connor
By Expert Testimony at Trial

Summary: Defendant charged with possession and sale of crack cocaine and assault on two undercover officers.
Issues: Substandard and Questionable Undercover Tactics; Unlawful Use of Force by the Undercover officers; Substandard Reporting; Police Misconduct.
Attorney John Wellman, public defender, Des Moines, Iowa.
US v Ruben Lora, Federal Court Boston, Mass.
Expert witness Report submitted after conviction for use in sentencing hearing.

By Expert Report and Testimony, Federal Court, Boston, MA. (CJA-court paid fees).
Summary: Judge allowed Expert Testimony as to “reality” of the undercover sting for consideration in her sentencing deliberations.
Issues: The report indicated findings of Undercover Entrapment; Mishandling of Informant; Substandard Investigative Procedures in Conspiracy investigation; Failure to Properly Corroborate Informant information and Failure to Control Informant Entrapment Activities.
(for details: Public Defender, Owen Walker – Boston Public Defender 617-223-8061 – December, 2000).

US v Property of Carole Schwenke and Michael E. King, by Affidavit
By Expert Witness Affidavit, Federal Court, San Diego, CA 10/21/01

Summary: Illegal seizure by Federal authorities of $248,095 in what was allegedly the proceeds of the narcotic business.
Issues: Expert Witness affidavit submitted, indicating that the Federal Investigators failed to document their asset seizure theory with appropriate and easily available investigative techniques, which was well below national standards for this type of an investigation.
Attorney Richard Barnett, San Diego.

RICO civil law suit
(Details restricted/ court-ordered secrecy)

By Expert Witness Report and Affidavit for Plaintiff.
Issues: Expert Witness Report submitted to court indicating specific findings of Probable Cause indicative of Criminal RICO activity in certain business practices of a major corporation.
Attorney Morgan Scudi, La Jolla, California.
US v Shefqet MATI. U.S
By Expert Witness Report and Affidavit, District Court, Chicago, Ill.

Summary: Defendant charged with conspiracy to possess and sell heroin.
Issues: Expert witness affidavit and report filed on 8/23/02, indicating that investigators had failed to adhere to National Standards of Undercover Tactics, Substandard and Illegal Informant Handling and Investigative Process Resulting in the Entrapment of the Defendant; also includes Substandard Evidence Handling and Investigative Handling Procedures; Indications of Criminal and/or Corrupt Acts on part of Investigators; Substandard Reporting.
Attorney for Defense, Ralph J. Schindler, Chicago, Illinois.

State of Carlifornia v Eary and Butler
By Expert Witness Affidavit.

Summary: Defendants possess Medical Marijuana Permits issued under state law. A search by state authorities resulted in what police believed was an amount of marijuana that was “excessive for personal use” and charged the couple with possession with intent to sell, a felony charge.
Issues: Expert report submitted in support of the defendants based on the Significant Failures in Police Investigation to Adhere to Standards of Proof of Possession with Intent to Sell and Avoidance of Investigative Steps that would have resulted in Exculpatory Evidence; Substandard and Coercive Interviewing Tactics; Substandard Reporting.
Attorney S. David Nick, San Francisco, CA.
State of GA v Albert Garrett
Testimony for Defense
By Expert Report and Grand Jury Testimony, Fulton County, GA.

Client: District Attorney’s office Fulton County Georgia.
Summary: Testimony before State Grand Jury as an Expert in Police Arrest Procedures, Investigative File Review and Use of Deadly Force.
Issues: Inappropriate use of Deadly Force {manslaughter], Indications of Perjured Statements, Cover-Up and other Police Misconduct, Substandard Investigative and Report Writing Rrocedures.
Assistant District Attorney Phyllis Clerk. (Full fees paid by Atlanta DA’s office).

By Testimony at Trial, EDNY Federal Court, Brooklyn New York.

Summary: Blind mule receipt of 3 pounds of heroin on controlled delivery.
Issues: Faulty and Substandard investigative Procedures [avoidance of Exculpatory Information]; Substandard Undercover Tactics; Failure to Adhere to National Standards and Procedures in Reporting.
Attorney Michael Hammerman, Queens, NY.

US v Assets/Boultinghouse
By Affidavit to Federal Court, San Diego, 10/8/03.

Summary: Substandard and insufficient investigation to link assets seized as proceeds of drug trafficking.
Issues: Failure to Adhere to National Standards and Procedures in Documentation of Assets as “proceeds of narcotics trafficking”; Substandard Investigative Tactics [avoidance of exculpatory information]; Prejudicial and Substandard “expert” Interpretation of Facts.
Attorney Richard Barnett, San Diego, CA.

State of GA v Ward
Use of Deadly Force; police involved shooting resulting in death of teenaged subject
By investigative file review, Preliminary report submitted, Case Pending.

Client: District Attorney’s office Fulton County Georgia.
Issues: Inappropriate use of Deadly Force {manslaughter}, Indications of Perjured Statements, Cover-Up and other Police Misconduct, Substandard Investigative and Report Writing Procedures.
Assistant District Attorney Phyllis Clerk (full fees paid by Atlanta DA’s office).

State of California v Franklin Diblasi
By Expert Witness Report.

Summary: Defendant arrested after state parole search uncovers 3 lbs of marijuana. Faces 3rd strike, indictment charging him with possession with intent to distribute, money laundering and state tax evasion. Issues: Substandard Handling and Corroboration of an Informant; Substandard Financial and Narcotic Investigation [avoidance of exculpatory]; Prejudicial and Substandard Reporting; Prejudicial and Substandard “expert” Interpretation of Facts; and more.
Attorney S. David Nick, San Francisco.

York Regional Police, WISCHE, ats KAMADIA [Canada].
By Expert Witness Report and Affidavit filed in favor of the police.

Issues: Whether or not police acted reasonably during undercover operation aimed at arresting FARAZ SULEMAN that resulted in the killing of Mr. SULEMAN.

US v Robert RHODES
High profile case involving US State Department, Government of China and high level political figures.

Summary: Use of Force by Homeland Security officer in the restraint of woman (an alleged Chinese tourist) taking photos in NO-PHOTO zone, who refused officer’s lawful orders and instead fled and resisted apprehension.
Issues: Reasonable force; Failure to Adhere to Search-for-Truth Principles of Investigation by US Customs, as well as the Avoidance of Pursuing Investigative Leads that might have yielded Exculpatory Evidence (avoiding the exculpatory).
Attorney Steve Cohen, Buffalo, NY.

By Expert Witness Report

High profile case involving undercover probe of the town of Tulia Texas.
Summary: Plaintiff was arrested and incarcerated along with more than 40 other individuals. Plaintiff law suit charged false arrest and incarceration.
Issues: As a direct result of expert-guided discovery demands, an expert witness report was filed indicating: Substandard Undercover Tactics, Failure to Adhere to Search-for-Truth Doctrine in that Standard Investigative efforts that might have yielded Exculpatory Evidence; Substandard Hiring of Undercover Officer; Failure to Train Undercover Officer; Substandard Oversight and Supervision; Substandard Informant-Handling Practices; Substandard Police Reporting Practices; Probable Cause of Perjured Testimony; Probable Cause of Subornation of Perjured Testimony; Probable Cause of causal role of program to Increase Arrest Stats to Qualify for federal grant money.

US Immigration v Ruben Perez
RESULT: deportation order overturned.
By Expert Testimony in Immigration Court

Summary: Perez, convicted of heroin trafficking after working as DEA informant, was facing deportation to Argentina.
Issues: Likelihood of Death if Deported; Substandard Treatment of DEA Informant; Substandard Reporting.
Attorney Steve Morley, Philadelphia, PA

CHAVEZ v State of Texas – (Fake Dope Case)
By Testimony at Deposition, Federal Court, Dallas, Texas. Civil law suit.

Summary: Endemic corruption in overall Narcotic Enforcement Programs, Dallas, Texas, [civil RICO charges recommended] resulting in the Illegal Incarceration of Plaintiff and others.
Issues: Substandard Investigative tactics, Substandard control and Interrogation of Informants, Failure to Adhere to Search-for-Truth Principals in Investigation (avoidance of exculpatory evidence); Police Misconduct, Police Corruption; Prosecutorial Misconduct etc; Substandard Supervisory Performance.
Attorney Marc Lenahan, Dallas Texas.

US V james allen LEYSTRA
By Testimony at Criminal Trial 2/4/08 to 2/5/08. Federal Court, Seattle WA.

Issues: Blind Mule Defense, and Substandard Interdiction Investigative Tactics by ICE; Substandard Interrogation and Interview Tactics resulting in the Obfuscation of Exculpatory Evidence.
Defense Attorney Jesse Cantor, Seattle WA.

US V MIHAYLOV, London, England
RESULT: deportation denied by crown court.
By Expert Affidavit and Preliminary Expert Witness Report.

Summary: Expert opinion that the probable cause statement supporting the International arrest warrant seeking the extradition of Mr. Mihaylov from England to the US.
Issues: Probable Cause Statement was based upon Informant Statements that were obtained in a manner that was Inconsistent with all Search-for-Truth Principles – in that little or no effort was made by US Authorities to Corroborate CI Statements and, in fact, all areas that might have yielded Exculpatory Information were avoided. Expert-guided discovery demands were an important factor.
Attorneys Lewis NEDAS & Co. London, England.


By Deposition in Plymouth Michigan, on 7/15/08, for Plaintiff.
Summary: Claim by Plaintiff that Defendants, including four local police departments, Michigan State Liquor Control Commission, and local politicians, illegally conspired and acted to violate Plaintiff’s constitutional rights.
Issues: Defendants illegally conspired, under color of law, to Seize Plaintiff’s Assets; Harass Plaintiff’s business clients; Falsely Arrest and Prosecute Plaintiff on State of Michigan RICO Charges.
Attorney Dean Bruza, Detroit.

By Expert Witness Testimony, Federal Court Seattle WA

Issues: Blind Mule Defense. Expert-guided discovery a significant factor.
Attorney Robert M. Leen, Esq. One Union Square, Seattle WA

Superior Court California, Contra Costa County, April, 2009.
Summary: Homicide Case. Not guilty verdict.

Issues: Improper Police Tactics of Investigation and Interrogation; Inconsistent with Search-for-Truth Standards in that the Interrogation of Police Informants avoided questions that might have yielded Exculpatory Information. Expert-guided discovery demands was also a significant factor.
Attorney Peter Johnson

Princess v US
RESULT: disposition pending AS OF MARCH 2012.
By Two Expert Witness Reports / Affidavits, Two Depositions and Testimony at Trial.

High profile case involving the Failure of DEA to adhere to Minimum Standards of Protection for high level Undercover Informant during a ten-year major, international money-laundering sting.

RESULT: FULL ACQUITTAL OF DEFENDANT BY JAPANESE COURT (first US law enforcement expert to have testimony accepted by Japanese court:
By Testimony at Trial Japanese Court, Chiba, Japan, July 26 2010

In a case that would have merited two hours on the series “Locked Up Abroad” the following issues were prominent:
Blind Mule Defense: Defendants arrested with quantity of MDMA in false bottom luggage, Narita Airport, Tokyo. I was the first US Law enforcement expert whose expert testimony was accepted by a Japanese court. Defendant was acquitted of all charges in the court at Chiba, Japan on August 29, 2011. Mike Levine was the first US police procedural expert to have his expert testimony accepted by a Japanese Court in that country’s history.
Brussels Attorney Aron Nezri,
London Attorney Eli Bindinger
Tokyo Attorney Takahashi Takano 03-5825 6033.

By Expert Witness Report

Summary: In this case the defendant, without utilizing an expert witness, had already been convicted of resisting arrest prior to the civil trial.
Issues: After expert-guided discovery demands a lengthy expert witness report was submitted, indicating: Unreasonable Use of Deadly Force; Substandard Management and Oversight; Substandard Incident Reporting; Police Reporting that Presented Elements of Probably Cause indicative of Violations of Title 18, 1001, “False official statement.”

HOFFMAN v City of Tallahassee
RESULT: $2.6 million settlement
By Two Depositions, for total of 15 hours.

Summary: Significantly substandard undercover tactics and Informant Handling, causing the Death of an Undercover CI.
Issues: Substandard Undercover Tactics; Substandard Informant Handing; Substandard Management, Oversight and Training of Police Officers. Expert-guided discovery demands a significant factor in the outcome of this matter.
Attorney Lance Block, Tallahassee, Florida, on 8/25/11.  

OHIO V DAVID BUSEMEYER  RESULT:  Satisfactory Plea Agreement.   Affidavit in favor of Defendant Police Officer.Summary: Police officer charged criminally for personal relationship with informant that allegedly was the source of the officer “blowing the cover” of a separate informant.  Issues covered in affidavit:  Significantly substandard training, oversight and supervision of officer charged with the maintaining complex informant-officer relationships.  Attorney Richard Skelton, Dayton, Ohio.

ESTATE OF BOBBY STACY v Southwest City Police Department, Missouri, et al.  SUMMARY:  Plaintiff killed by defendant police officer in care chase resulting from traffic stop.  Filed Expert Witness Affidavit in Favor of Plaintiff indicating excess use of force and substandard background investigation and hiring of defendant officer.  Out of court settlement  $ .5 million in favor of plaintiff. 2013.   Attorney Scott Graham, Tulsa Oklahoma

MD v Kahn.  Result: All charges Dismissed in mid trial.   Undercover sting operation targeting G.Kahn, a computer expert,  Informant contacts Kahn and convinces him over an 8 week period of time, to obtain an ounce of cocaine in order to buy a luxurious sports car at a cheap price.  The “seller” of the car would give Kahn an extremely low price “if” he could supply him with cocaine.  Kahn finally succumbs.  Takes him 4 weeks to find someone who would sell him an ounce of cocaine, which he brings to an undercover meeting where he is arrested.  I aided the defense attorney in formulating discovery demands.  All documents received in discovery omitted the existence of an informant.  The prosecution insisted there was no informant.  The inflammatory video would be sufficient to convict.  At trial, I was permitted to aid in formulating cross-examination questions for the undercover officer.  It quickly became apparent that the informant existed and that—in violation of standards and procedures—the police had not documented his activities.   The judge halted trial and dismissed all charges. Attorney: Stuart Snyder, Baltimore Md. (2013)

State of New Jersey, v CAYTON MOULTON. Blind Mule Case.  Result: Satisfactory plea bargain and immediate freedom for defendant, who had been facing 20 plus years in prison for a large amount of Methamphetamine found in a truck he was driving.  Report filed supporting claim that the police action was substandard in that the police omitted and/or avoided—in violation of professional and national standards— steps that might have yielded exculpatory information and/or information with prosecution theories of guilt. Attorney James Lisi  (2014)

FELCIANO et al v ANCHORAGE POLICE DEPARTMENT and MUNICIPALITY OF ANCHORAGE:                                                             RESULT:  Jury found in favor of client on 5 counts, hung on final count

Summary:  Two officers assigned to an APD undercover narcotic unit sue the Anchorage Police Department claiming that the shutdown of an undercover drug unit was racially motivated along with other related charges.  Representing the Anchorage Police Department I filed an Expert Witness Report in support, testified at deposition and then at trial in March, 2014.  May, 2014 Jury found in favor of client in three out of four charges, hung on the final charge.  Final charge will be retried in October, 2014.  Attorney Linda Johnson.

ALA V AMANDA MEEKS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 RESULTS:  SATISFACTORY PLEA AGREEMENT (probation):      CHARGE:  was the transportation of significant amount of marijuana in trunk of car.  Filed reports in favor of defendant supporting claim of “blind mule.”  Aided in supplying technical standards and other esoteric standards for motion to suppress.  Client offered favorable plea bargain.  Attorney Clayton Tartt.

PRINCESS (true name protected by court)  V  DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION:   RESULTS, Client awarded $1 million by Federal Judge after trial (Award, August, 2014)                    summary:  “PRINCESS” an international high level DEA informant sued DEA charging “failure to protect.”  I filed extensive analysis report of her handling, which I found to be substandard and evincive of deception and corruption.  Gave testimony at two depositions and at Trial.  Attorney Michael Avery, Virgina..Plaintiff awarded $1 million by judge.

Multiple cases in defense of NYPD on civil law suits charging excessive force, in which I filed expert reports defending the NYPD, resulting in satisfactory plea agreements.

Multiple cases in defense of ELMIRA NY PD on civil law suits charging excessive force, in which I filed expert reports defending the NYPD, resulting in satisfactory plea agreements.

VA V KHAN.  The case, directly related to MD v KHAN (defendant acquitted at trial) , in which defendant was again charged with drug trafficking and money laundering, this time by the Commonwealth of VA.  I assisted defense attorneys in identifying violations of police procedures related to evidence handling, interrogations,, the substandard reporting of chain-of-custody and other significant violations of procedures, as well as related discovery demands.  All charges dropped prior to trial.

Jaquinda Colemen v City of Niagra Falls, NY and PD: Plaintiff alleged that Officers of the NPD abused their official powers when they resorted to excessive and deadly force in arresting her. Attorney: Steve Cohen of Hogan & Willig, Amherst NY. Filed a detailed expert witness report in favor of plaintiff, analyzing both the use of force, the IAD investigation, substandard management oversight and supervision practices, and all reporting related thereto. August, 2015, plaintiff received an undisclosed but satisfactory settlement.

Craig Kovaleski v. Deputy Michael Cavanaugh, in his individual capacity, and Sheriff Deryl Loar, in his individual and official capacities and Indian River Sheriffs Department et al – Filed expert witness report documenting False Arrest, Abuse of Official Powers, Intentional and Reckless Disregard of Welfare and Safety of Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s Two Toddlers (ages 2 & 4 YOA), Failure of Department at Oversight, Supervision and/or Training.  2016, matter settled  with undisclosed but satisfactory settlement for  client.  Attorney, Guy Rubin, Rubin and Rubin, Stuart, Florida.


Fulton County, Georgia, Grand Jury (Police involved shooting):   August 5, 2015, 1testified before the Fulton County Grand Jury as an expert for the prosecution in the police-involved shooting of Aniston Waiters, by Officer Luther Lewis. Retained by the Fulton County (Atlanta) District Attorneys Office.


Dekalb County, Georgia. Civil Grand Jury (Police Involved Shooting):   October 22, 2015 1testified before the DeKalb County Grand Jury as an expert for the District Attorneys Office in its recommendation that this matter be sent to a criminal grand jury. Case: in the police-involved shooting of Anthony Hill, by Officer Robert Olsen. Retained by the Dekalb County District Attorneys Office.

Dekalb County, Georgia. Criminal Grand Jury (Police Involved Shooting):   January, 2016,, I testified before the DeKalb County Criminal Grand Jury as an expert for the prosecution in the police-involved shooting of Anthony Hill, by Officer Robert Olsen. Retained by the Dekalb County District Attorneys Office. Olsen indicted for homicide and false statements.

Matter:   Keith Loving v Code 3 Security & Protection Services.   Matter involves a police-involved shooting. Member of a Washington DC security service, recognized as law enforcement, attacked by an emotionally disturbed individual whom he was trying to arrest, was forced to resort to deadly force. I filed two expert witness reports in support of the officer. The case reached a satisfactory settlement for my client. Attorney Rebecca Dannenberg Esq, Hendon, VA.

GA v Luther Lewis: Issue: retained by Fulton County (Atlanta, District Attorneys office to review the police involved shooting homicide of Aniston Waiters. Testified before Grand Jury

Police Involved Shooting Homicide: Retained by the Dekalb Georgia District Attorneys Office to provide expert testimony in the evaluation of a police involved shooting homicide of a drunk driver. (May 2015)

Holcomb v WINKLER and City of Princeton West Virginia Police Department: Retained by Attorney David Slicer and Dominick Pellegrin, in defense of the Princeton WVA Police Department against accusations of failure to take preventative actions in case of an Officer accused of using his power and authority to coerce plaintiff into a homosexual relationship.

Warr v City of Rochester Police Department: retained by plaintiff as use-of-force expert as per allegations of excessive use-of-force by Rochester PD officers on the person of Plaintiff

Iowa v QUIJAS: Retained by Iowa Public Defender in defense of Juvenile shot by shot and severely wounded by police during an undercover controlled delivery of a quantity of Meth, for which the defendant was charged with attempted homicide of police.

MAYS v New York City Police Department: retained by plaintiff in civil suit evolving from a police shooting, Plaintiff charges excessive and unlawful use of deadly force. Attorney: Anthony Ofadile, Brooklyn, NY.

WESCOTT v Tampa Florida PD: Retained by plaintiff attorney in civil suit evolving from the police-involved-shooting of plaintiff as the result of a drug raid executed by a SWAT team on the basis of informant information that was corroborated in a substandard and improper manner. Attorney TJ Grimaldi.

ESPINOSA v County of Riverside CA:Retained by plaintiff attorney Alexander J. Petale. Issues Illegal seizure of funds based on substandard investigative tactics and deceptive and substandard police reporting.

Mississippi v DR. ARNOLD SMITH: Retained by defendant attorney William Bell, Issues: Defense against capital homicide charges based upon significantly substandard handling of informant used in an undercover capacity, as well as significantly substandard police-involved shooting investigation.

Cody Greene v Norwalk Connecticut PD: Retained by plaintiff attorney, Phillip Russell. Issues: Grossly excessive use of force and elements of PC indicating deceptive use-of-force investigative tactics by management; that is there were elements of PC indicative of avoiding investigative steps that might yield incriminating evidence against defendants. Expert Witness report stating so, is filed.

Joshua Kahane v State of Connecticut: Retained by plaintiff attorney, Matt Auger. Issues: Grossly excessive use of force and elements of PC indicating deceptive use-of-force investigative tactics by management; that is there were elements of PC indicative of avoiding investigative steps that might yield incriminating evidence against defendants. Expert witness report so stating is filed.

Piper v City of Elmira NY PD. Retained by City of Elmira to defend against spurious charges of excessive use of force. Brian Maggs, attorney. Filed Expert Witness Report in favor of defendants. Result: Satisfactory settlement.

Coleman v City of Niagara Falls PD: Retained by plaintiff attorney, Steve Cohen Issues: Grossly excessive use of force and elements of PC indicating deceptive use-of-force investigative tactics by management; that is there were elements of PC indicative of avoiding investigative steps that might yield incriminating evidence against defendants. Expert witness report so stating is filed. Case settled out of court. Result: Satisfactory settlement.

Dekalb County v Dove:   Retained by Dekalb County Georgia as consultant and testifying expert witness in police-involved shooting (Almy: deceased).   File report in support of indictment. Testify before grand jury in Dekalb County. Grand Jury recommends consideration of indictment.

Joshua Skinner v Vermont State Police, (Tower et al.)Retained by attorney Brian Mariscovetere, White River Junction Vt. Plaintiff arrested and beaten by defendant police pursuant to DUI car stop. Plaintiff was passenger who attempted to film the arrest. Filed EW report on behalf of plaintiff alleging false arrest, excessive fore, unlawful use of deadly force and other related violations of law by defendants.

Alvin Kennedy and Eliezer Felician vs Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska. Retained by municipality of Anchorage as expert in defense of multiple charges including the unlawful disbandment of an undercover narcotic enforcement unit; that the two undercover officers were unlawfully searched due to racial discrimination and that the department itself was racist. I filed an EW report indicating that the plaintiff officers had in fact conducted themselves in a manner significantly contrary to national standards of Undercover Tactics and Informant Hanldin practices. to degree that justified the Anchorage Department to shut down and disband the unit. I testified at trial in 2014, in support of defendants. Jury returned a verdict against all plaintiff charges except the charge of racism in which there was a hung jury. A retrial scheduled during 2017 solely on the racism charges during which I was NOT called to testify.

State of Maryland v Earl Lee King: Retained by Public defenders office to evaluate interrogations of informants for adherence to search-for-truth doctrine and other standards of interrogation. Provided attorneys with detail suggestions of cross-examination to highlight the substandard inferences of threats and/or promises.

State of Alabama v Trenton Isaac Driver: Charges relate to Mr. Driver having been seduced on the internet by an undercover officer posing as a young girl. Filed a report and affidavit on behalf of defendant criticizing police undercover tactics as having been grossly substandard and overwhelmingly evincive of entrapment. Also noting indication of false reporting by omission and violations of national and professional standards of evidence handling.

UK Crown v Simeon Mihaylov: Retained by Solicitor Mile Herman, London,UK, to prepare an affidavit in support of the defense of Mr. Mihaylov from an extradition demand issued by the US State Department charging him with an international drug and money laundering conspiracy, based on the incriminating statements of criminal informants. I reviewed the handling of said informants, by prosecutors and agents, and found that it was substandard (contrary to national and professional standards) in that: (1) appropriate precautions and corroborative checks to ascertain whether or not the informants had collaborated with each other in the fabrication of testimony for a common and illegal goal, were not taken and/or avoided. (2) That, the investigating agency (DEA), had avoided conducting investigative tactics that might have resulted in evidence to discredit said informants.  The affidavit was filed 3/2/2004, the Crown denied the extradition request. Result: Extradition denied.


Denmark v RICHARD MATHIAS SPERLING International DEA, criminal informant driven  Sting Operation

Retained by the Sperling Family, for possible appeal after conviction in Denmark based on a DEA undercover sting operation: Facts:Mathias Richard Sperling, a German citizen, went to Colombia for 4-5 months in 2012 to stay with his fiancee. In Colombia, Sperling met Mr. Pedro Elias Gonzales Aguillon, and the two decided to start a business importing Olive Oil. In July 2012, Sperling met Two individuals (male and female) whom it would turn out were DEA criminal informants, working undercover for DEA, internationally, on a paid basis.

My review of the total materials received by Sperling’s defense attorneys in Denmark revealed significant probable cause indicative of the two informants “creating” the crime, in that they were permitted to operate internationally, with little discernable control over their tactics and/or the alleged “evidence” they were turning in as Probable Cause of the crimes charged, other than periodic meetings with their control agent.  Their only goal was to “make cases” and get paid.  The only way to defend against this unethical and at times illegal use of criminal informants, is for the defense to demand access to all the mandatory record keeping and control documents mandated by the Justice Department standards and regulations. The Danish defense attorneys for Sperling and his co-defendant were given access to NONE of these critical documents, that in the US would be referred to as Brady Materials, nor did they have any idea about how to demand them from the US through the Danish Court, since the problem has no presidents.   My communications with the Danish attorneys further indicated that they really did not have an understanding of US undercover sting and/or informant handling procedures, and that neither did the Danish court. In essence a US sting operation was tried before a Danish court. The Danish attorneys, in essence, went to a gunfight armed with a rusty nail. I filed a report stating this, in detail, to the family. What is important to note is that this tactic is currently used virtually all over the globe..

Kempf matter.; Estate of Darrell W. Kempf v Trans America Insurance Company.

Deposition September 8, 2107, at home office, Clovewood Rd., High Falls NY via Skype…   Case involved a $2 million dollar life insurance claim against Trans America. Darrell Kempf vanished 7years ago, after his car was reported in a one-car accident, capsized in A California body of water. Crime Scene revealed evidence indicative of the accident having been staged. Testimony based upon my extensive experience hunting fugitives, along with first-hand experience and training involved specifically with hunting individuals seeking to escape prosecution in South America. After deposition favorable out-of-court settlement reached..

Marcia Przybysz, vs. City of Toledo, Toledo Police Department et al., Deposition at High Falls, NY, Office, 4/16/17 Thomas Prsybysz, was arrested by Toledo PD undercover officers for narcotic violations. As a result he volunteered to be an undercover informant, After a successful buy-bust set up by Thomas, he was murdered. The suit alleges that the Toledo PD failed to act appropriately to protect the decedent from retribution. I filed a report in support of the Toledo Police indicating that as per my review, through the lens of my five decades of training and experience, and in consideration of the totality of evidence presented, the DEFENDANTS has adhered to all professional and national standards and had acted in a reasonable manner. Judge subsequently dismisses all charges against defendant police officer and Monell charges against Toledo PD; cites my testimony in ruling.

Joshua Skinner v Michael DeFiore et al

Deposition November 15, 2017 at Valley Recording, Greene Street, Kingston, NY. Case involved Iraq Veteran allegedly being taken into custody for his own protection under Vermont law providing for forced detention due to drugs and/or alcohol intoxication and/or other situation wherein the subject, while not having committed any crime, can be detained and brought to a detox center. My review resulted in findings indicative of false arrest on the basis of a bad faith use of the statute, grossly excessive (deadly) force and elements of PC indicative of false official statements.

The Estate of Charles Burns V Concorde California police Department ET.AL. Deposition, January 12, 2018–721 Broadway, Kingston, New York.

I represented the family of 22-year-old Mr. Burns, who was shot and killed by two officers firing a total of 16 or more rounds at the young man as he allegedly fled from police while reaching for cell phone that defendants claim they mistook for a gun.   After Mr. Burns had been mortally wounded, defendants then caused him to be attacked by an attack trained dog; the dog was permitted by defendants to viciously maul the dying young man. My review and analysis resulted in a 453 page expert witness report detailing the specific documenting of numerous and significant elements of probable cause and reasons to believe in support of my opinions that defendants had resorted to deadly force without justification (including elements of probable cause indicating of premeditated homicide); that, defendants had also engaged in false, and/or perjured official reporting and testimony, felony alteration of crime scene evidence, the intentional avoidance of any investigative tactic, procedure, or technique, that would have yielded incriminating evidence against all defendants, abuse of official powers and criminal cover-up. I testified 7-8 hours at deposition. Case settled for $1.2 million within three months of deposition.


Matter: Sherry Johnson, et al, v City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia police department, et. Al. (police involved homicide of kyree Johnson). Mr. Johnson, a pistol license holder, was the victim of two unknown perpetrators who entered his car at gunpoint for the purpose of robbing him.   Mr. Johnson Drew his own gun, the perpetrators exited his vehicle running. Mr. Johnson got out of his vehicle firing his own weapon at fleeing robbers. Hey Philadelphia police officer atman to drive up behind Mr. Johnson as this was happening. The office opened fire hitting Mr. Johnson three or four times in the back. Johnson went down on his stomach arms stretched out, the gun beneath his body. The office approached and continued firing striking Johnson 3 to 4 more times in the back. My opinion was that the first 3 to 4 shots in the back were justified. The additional 3 to 4 shots in the back, while Johnson was in the supine position, where on justified and in essence an execution style shooting.

I submitted a 70 page expert witness report, citing elements of probable cause, and elements of proof indicative of: unjustified use of deadly force; premeditated homicide; false official reporting, cover-up, failure of the Philadelphia police department to train, supervise, and/or provide oversight to defendant officer; avoidance of ”Bad evidence” by defendant Philadelphia police department management. The Case was settled with an undisclosed amount of payment.