Author of NY Times Bestseller DEEP COVER and national bestseller THE BIG WHITE LIE, used by Police and universities as training texts.

Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in 17 states, Puerto Rico and foreign nations.

Called "America's top undercover cop" by 60 Minutes.

Among the most awarded supervisory officers in the history of the DEA.

Author of FIGHT BACK, a manual for communities with drug problems - recommended reading by the Clinton Administration's Drug Policy Office and the Swedish Carnegie Institute.

·Narcotics And Drug Trafficking (all aspects)

·Informant Handling, Management and Corroboration

·Police Use of Force (including deadly force)

·Arrests and Interrogations ·RICO (criminal & Civil) & Conspiracy Prosecution

·Title III Investigations (Wiretaps, bugs and other electronic intercepts).

·Blind Mule (unwitting participation) Defense

·Entrapment Defense (Undercover and/or Informant)

·Undercover Tactics

·Controlled Delivery Operations & Smuggling.

·Police Misconduct & Hiring Practices

·Medical Marijuana Defense

·Internet Pharmaceuticals

·Investigative Due Diligence (adherence to search-for-truth doctrine)

·Police procedures and Investigative Reporting.


Expert Witness – Trial Consultant

Since his retirement from the Department of Justice in 1990, Michael Levine has been retained in more than 500 criminal and civil matters relating to the below topics, resulting in more than 90% out-of-court resolutions in favor of his clients:

Narcotics Enforcement (all related topics)
Use of Force (all issues, including deadly force)
Human Intelligence (Informants) recruitment, evaluation, corroboration, management and control
Law Enforcement Investigative Procedures (local and federal) – Adherence to the search-for-truth doctrine
Due Diligence in Obtaining Probable Cause
Undercover & Surveillance Tactics
Entrapment & Sentencing Enhancement Entrapment (Undercover & Informant)
Controlled Delivery Operations
Domestic and International Narcotic Enforcement Procedures, including RICO/Conspiracy investigations, Money Laundering, Internet drug trafficking and other related matters
Asset Seizures and supporting investigative efforts
Physical and Plant Security
Official and Police Corruption & Misconduct
Law enforcement hiring practices & background investigations
K-9 sniffer dogs
Internet Pharmaceutical trafficking.
Medical Marijuana
Money Laundering
RICO (civil & criminal), Title III and Conspiracy Prosecutions
Blind Mule Defense (Unwitting participation in crime).
Criminal Informants and Jailhouse Snitches
Confessions to Undercover Agents (criminal braggadocio)
Raids – raid planning and execution.
Undercover, high-risk car stops.

Specific Trial Consultant Services provided:

Case Assessment-Strategy And Discovery Advice
Mr. Levine will utilize his training and experience as a DOJ supervisory officer Inspector of Law Enforcement Operations (assignments that demands its occupants to be experts among law enforcement experts), to review and carefully assess your matter in the same manner it would have been done for a prosecutor and/or top law enforcement administrator. His advice as to discovery matters and strategy alone have often led to out-of-court agreements (civil and criminal) that were quite satisfactory to his clients.

“I’m a lawyer and I’ve been practicing for about 10 years now. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me with idgod charges, but it’s at least 3 dozen and they were all about buying fake ID online”

Expert Witness Reports / Affidavits / Testimony
Michael Levine is a highly skilled, widely published professional writer. In excess of 90% of his civil cases have been settled satisfactorily for his clients, without trial, on the basis of his written reports and affidavits.

Design Of Cross-Examination / Deposition Q&As
Mr. Levine’s now 40 years of intensive hands-on experience on the streets and in the courtrooms (criminal and civil), his training and experience as a supervisory officer, inspector of operations, police instructor and his insider’s anatomical knowledge of law enforcement operations, combine with devastating effect in the design of his cross-examination “menus” aimed at law enforcement officers and supervisors. During the past fifteen years of his trial consulting career, cross-examination planning by Mr. Levine has had profoundly dramatic and satisfactory courtroom results for his clients.

Investigative And Research Support
A licensed Private Investigator, Michael Levine is currently active as a law enforcement instructor, journalist and investigative researcher. He maintains an extensive and continually updated database of information that relates to each area of his expertise. An important part of this database involves direct contact with more than 200 court-qualified law enforcement experts and investigators worldwide, colleagues with whom he consults on a case-by-case basis.

Security Consulting
Why retain a large company whose operatives are unknown commodities with unknown records? No matter what your security needs, it is far more economical and effective to retain one of America’s most demonstrably effective international law enforcement and covert operatives, with a wide net of national and international operatives each with his/her own proven record of accomplishment.

Mr Levine has been trained in plant and personal security review by the Department of Justice and the Secret Service, and has served as security consultant to the Internet Pharmaceutical industry.

Media & Technical Consulting
Mr. Levine has been a consultant and on-air expert for in excess of one hundred radio and television shows, including “60 Minutes”, “CNN”, “Crier Report”, MSNBC, CBS News & Morning Show, ABC’s “Nightline”, “Crossfire”, “Macneil Lehrer News Hour”, CBS’ and The History Channel’s “20th Century”, “Geraldo”, “Eye on America”, “Like it is (Gil Noble)”, “Dick Cavett”, “Inside Edition (Bill O’Reilly)”, “Sony Pictures”, “Spelling Productions”, “Contrapunto ” (Spanish language version of “Crossfire”) and more.

He is also the host of New York City’s “The Expert Witness Radio Show,” featuring interviews with top international law enforcement and legal experts covering all the areas of Mr. Levine’s expertise.