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Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in 17 states, Puerto Rico and foreign nations.

Called "America's top undercover cop" by 60 Minutes.

Among the most awarded supervisory officers in the history of the DEA.

Author of FIGHT BACK, a manual for communities with drug problems - recommended reading by the Clinton Administration's Drug Policy Office and the Swedish Carnegie Institute.

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Operation AGENT SCRUB CIA’S criminal ineptitude and reckless disregard of United States law and public safety exposed, then ignored by Congress and mainstream media


CIA’S criminal ineptitude and reckless disregard of United States law and public safety exposed, then ignored by Congress and mainstream media


Michael Levine


I have served our nation as a military police officer, then as a law-enforcement officer for four different Federal agencies and one sheriffs department. As part of my service for each I took an oath to protect the United States Constitution and the safety and security of the people who paid my salary. Consider this article as a continuation of my adherence to that oath:


Consider this: I have spent the better part of the past five decades testifying in the US and foreign courts throughout the world, as an expert in the handling, corroboration and effective use of undercover informants whom the Central intelligence Agency likes to call “Agents.” My background, training and experience in this very specific procedural area can be found on www.policetrialexpert. A good portion of my career as a supervisory officer in the Drug Enforcement Administration was spent in the direct supervision and review of the informant handling activities of the hundreds of officers under my command. I also spent a considerable amount of time as an Office of Professional Responsibility Inspector, and as a supervisory Internal Affairs Officer. It is with this extensive amount of training and experience can that I herewith state, emphatically, that had it been alleged that a single DEA agent been charged with the handling of an undercover informant about whom it had been determined was providing false information yet being paid and protected from criminal charges by said DEA agent, that agent, would be targeted for criminal investigation and prosecution. Yet, why is it that in 1995, when CIA director, John Deutsche conducted a review of the handling and payment of all CIA agent/Informants on the payroll, (called Operation Agent Brush), and it was determined that more than one thousand (1000) CIA agent/informants, more than one third of all CIA agents, had been selling their CIA officer/handlers false information, while being paid and protected from prosecution for every kind of felony imaginable including but not limited to the smuggling of vast amounts of illegal drugs into the United States, and not a single CIA officer and/or agent was even investigated?

To someone with my experience and training, the Elements of Probable Cause indicative of massive ineptitude and criminality were, and continue to be, overwhelming. It was like a glimpse behind the curtain of secrecy that is CIA and seeing that the entire operation was being run by Mafia rejects and corrupt politicians who were not answerable to any living being.

I’ve had moments before in my very long life where as a DEA, deep cover, agent I faced similar situations, and both mistakenly and naively thought that I could rely on the fourth estate (a free press) to fulfill its role in alerting the American people to the elements of probable cause (reasons to believe) indicative of the highest levels of our government being very deeply involved in the protection of massive flows of narcotics into the United States. These cases were described in two bestseller books, Deep Cover and The Big White Lie.

At the time, 1995, I had a radio show in New York City, the Expert Witness ( Radio show, with informants in government contacting me with inside stories of corruption and criminal behavior. Some of them courageously agree to on the air and at great personal risk testify about what they had observed and even taken part in. For example Monica Jensen Stevenson, in her book Kiss the Boys Goodbye, wrote of having interviewed two marine snipers who had taken part in the CIA run Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, and told of being assigned to kill an African American Captain “because of his anti-war activities.” When neither Congress nor mainstream media picked up on this outrage, I invited the snipers to tell this story on my radio show.  I was obsessed with the notion that, before I died, I could do something to balance the books.

Ironically, when I was alerted to operation Agent Scrub’s thousand lying informant/agents, I had been retained by the attorneys for a Fortune 500 executive, Donald Carlson, who was gunned down in his own home by an anti-drug federal/state SWAT team. They were executing a nighttime search warrant based on of the words of a lying informant/agent also on the payroll of the US government (Donald Carlson v U.S.); a case that settled for $2.5 million paid it to Mr. Carlson, after which all the reports which revealed the ineptitude and criminality of the agents and police were classified by the court.

So, I was no longer surprised when the CIA’s Operation Agent Scrub went entirely ignored by both mainstream media and Congress.   However, this time, I was happily surprised when Judge Catherine Crier, the Crier Report, contacted me for my commentary.   Most of that interview can be seen on this video. If you watch this keep in mind that this was the only mainstream media coverage of this event and even this is no longer available from any other source but right here.


After this appearance, you guessed it, nothing happened.. So, a year goes by and just to emphasize the price of our congressional and media inertia, a CIA agent/informant, who happens to be a general in the Venezuelan National Guard by the name of Ramon Guillen Davila gets caught by US Customs in Miami smuggling a ton of cocaine on a Venezuelan National Guard plane funded by, you guessed it again, the CIA. Thanks to the CIA agent/informant who immediately blabbed when he felt US Custom’s handcuffs around his wrists, we learn that the shipment was organized and controlled by the CIA country chief in Venezuela, Mark McFarlin, in spite of a DEA warning not to do it issued by the DEA Country Attaché.


This time, Federal judge Robert Bonner the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration does notice and flat out accuses the CIA of the drug smuggling on national TV.


National media attention apparently forced the CIA to give the appearance that they took some remedial action. They forced the country chief, a man by the name of McFarland, to retire. The Justice Department indicted General Guillen for smuggling a ton of cocaine into the brains and veins of American children however, what a surprise: he is never brought to trial and all records of him are you now impossible to find.   And my own sources report to me that as a penalty McFarlin was immediately retained by CIA at an increased pay rate, as a consultant.


Back in the 1960s, when the CIA made a horrific shambles of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson said: “When the rich folks can’t trust their sons they send them on down to work for the CIA.”


Nuff said…


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